Sunday, 22 September 2013

Remove Internet Download Manager (IDM) completely from your System without formatting??? YES u CAN!!!

Many of you might have heard in some sort of event or the other that Internet Download Manager(IDM) is one BREAKTHROUGH software. Well, i say that's the truth!If you want high-speed downloads try idm. Tired of having to reinstall windows before you can get your expired idm working again???

Let me introduce you to 4 interesting techniques.

1. Buy the registered version of IDM

2. Stop chasing friends for free software

3. Use the backdoor/get the crack

4. Clear all traces of IDM from your registry

I know people are gonna beat me up for point 1 and 2.hehehehe. Just pulling your legs! I will be uploaded the crack very soon.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Windows 7 Activation

Hey guys, now is the time to forget all the hustle and bustle as far as your windows activation is concerned.
There will no longer be the need for chasing windows activation codes. Just download windows7loader from and follow the instructions below. 
You will come across a display like the one below

 1. Run the '7Loader' on your Windows Partition
2. Select your desired "OEM" Brand
3. Wait for the pop-up to appear
4. Click "Install 7Loader"
5. Wait for the pop-up to appear
6. Press "OK" and PC will reboot once complete
7. Go to control Panel
8. Go to system
9. Scroll down to see if the activation key has been provided
10. Your done!

How to gain more Surfing Bandwidth

Hi guys! Today I'm gonna be showing you a simple way of getting past the fixed data bandwidth given by our tight-fisted service providers.
First of all, let me introduce you to the software PD-proxy. PD-Proxy VPN  is a tunneling software that can secure your internet connection by encrypting all your connections to the internet and by default provides the user with 100 Megabytes of data everyday. All you need to do is download PD-proxy and sign up for a free account.
Afterwards, install the 1.5Megabyte software on your computer.
Connect to the DEMO SERVER with your username and password and Voila!!! you can now browse for free.
Pls make sure you have same bandwidth or credit on your sim. That will open the closed ports.
Thankyou and God bless! 

This is how the software looks like

Remote Hacking Using TightVNC

Hello guys! Today I'm going to teach you a simple way of controlling your computer over an AdHoc or wifi network. We will be using the software tightVNC. This softwares features a free remote control package derived from the popular VNC software. With TightVNC, you can see the desktop of a remote machine by accessing it via the shared network.
Some people may prefer TeamViewer or another service instead, but TightVNC allows you to install and manage your own server without using a centralized service. VNC clients and servers are available for all platforms.

Installing the TightVNC Server

First, you’ll need to install the tightVNC server on the computer you want to access remotely.
TightVNC installs itself as a system service by default, so it will always be running in the background as long as your computer is on. It also automatically allows itself in the Windows firewall – if you use a different firewall, ensure that the firewall isn’t blocking TightVNC or you won’t be able to connect.

 The installation is pretty simple...
Step 1: Secure your VNC with a strong password, especially if you’re exposing your VNC server to the Internet!

Step 2: Run installation until setup is done
Step 3: Go to StartMenu>Programs>TightVNC
Step 4: Run Service Control
Now you can access your computer Remotely.SHALOM!!!